Best Compression Packing Cubes for Travel

Whether you’re heading out soon on a 3 week European road trip or a 6 month adventure around the world, compression packing cubes are about to be the best thing you didn’t know you couldn’t live without.


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After living out of compression cubes for a year during their around-the-world honeymoon, Tripped Travel Gear owners Tim + Fin (hi that’s me) completely feel in love with how:

  1. compression cubes keep your backpack/luggage organized

  2. dirty clothes don’t stink up clean clothes

  3. cubes act like “drawers” in your luggage AND in hotels/hostels/airbnbs/yurts/tents/boats/airport lounges

  4. when curious airport security asks to open your luggage, your underwear doesn’t spill out on the table

  5. when you have to gate check your bag and it is accidentally dropped all your clothing items don’t come spilling out along the runway (real story)

The problem with some travel gear though is that it is either very expensive (to ensure high quality) or very cheap (but might not last your entire trip).

Most popular

the carry on set


tripped travel gear compression cubes

Seeing a gap in the market, Tim + Fin created Tripped Travel Gear to help long-term travelers (like themselves) have access to high quality travel gear that doesn’t have expensive shelf space in REI, a booming Instagram account, celebrity endorsements and the high price tag that comes along with all that.

Instead, Tripped is a small e-commerce business that has quality gear for less. Save your pesos for whale shark tours or your next hotel room!

compression packing cubes are easy to use

Easy to use

Compression packing cubes help you with packing your clothes by compressing the air out of them. These compressible (and expandable) cubes use a two zipper system to help eliminate the extra bulk when packing your luggage. The zippers literally compress your clothes together and eliminate wasted space.

high quality compression packing cubes

water resistant

Our ripstop polyurethane fabric is water resistant to help keep moisture out of your clothes wherever they’re packed and is ultra lightweight, durable and more reliable than nylon alternatives.

high quality zippers on compression packing cubes

zip zip hooray.

Do you overpack like we do? These zippers have a big job. That’s why every zipper has a reinforced zipper stop with double stitching.

how much clothing do compression cubes hold

overpack. just because.

If you’ve never tried COMPRESSION packing cubes before, get excited! They hold way more than packing cubes alone and certainly more than just shoving loose clothes in a suitcase. Get an estimate of how much our compression cubes hold here.


The right cube set for your next trip.

compression cubes organize your luggage

The question we get asked the most: which set is right for my trip? The good news? We’ve done all the thinking for you.

2 piece compression cube
  1. 2 piece set

    The two piece set, also called our “Personal Item” is a great way to add a few more cubes to your collection or to organize a purse, small duffel or backpack.

    More and more airlines are charging just to use the overhead bin (what?!) Two can play that game. Use the two piece set to fit your weekend wear into your “Personal Item” under the seat in front of you.

  2. 3 piece set

    Throwing a duffel in to the back seat of your car for a weekend at the lake? Or out in the mountains? Wherever your weekend adventures take you, don't be the guy with the wadded clothes in the corner of the room. The three piece set is a perfect starter pack for anyone looking to organize and will hold all of your clothes for your weekend trip.

  3. 6 piece set - our most popular

    The 6 piece compression cube set is our most carry-on friendly. Perfectly designed to fit the dimensions of your carry-on backpack or rolling luggage, this set has you covered!

    You'll love the flexibility of the tube cube to pop in electronics, a wet bathing suit, or snacks (probably not together) and the laundry bag which is also a convenient place for a pair of shoes!

  4. XL compression cube set

    We have expanded our product line with our most requested product: larger cubes! While stuffing these XLs may be a bit too bulky to neatly tuck in to a carry on, this is the perfect way to organize a large checked suitcase or to keep your family's pieces of clothing separate. This is also the set you'll want if you're planning to pack large items like thick bulky blue jeans or a large sweater.

What are the best compression packing cubes for my trip?

No matter if you changed your mind, received them as a gift or found them on the side of the road, we want you to be as happy with your cubes as we are. If you’re not happy with your set you just let us know and we’ll do whatever makes sense to make it right. No photos, no receipts, just good ol’ customer service. Contact us any time at

Don’t let packing and luggage disorganization take away from your next trip. Grab the right set for you and grab an extra one for your favorite travel partner.

best compression packing cubes for travel