How to Share a Suitcase with your Partner (and not go insane)

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Let’s be real. Travel costs can be insane! The fees here and there add up and make it absolutely impossible to travel on a budget (well almost!) Most airlines make the difference in price between budget economy and economy simply: luggage. A checked bag can cost you up to $50 ONE WAY and if you just want to throw a bag in to the overhead compartment it might run you as much as $30 USD. One idea? Share with a friend. Here’s how-to pack for two (and not go insane).

How to share a suitcase with two people 

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Honeymoon? Couples get away? Packing up everything and heading to travel the world for a year? No matter what is on your travel agenda, compression cubes make saving space and saving money a breeze. With three different cube designs to choose from, you can stay organized from port A to port B.

Step 1: Different color packing cubes 

The first step to getting organized for your trip is to each pick a different design of compression packing cubes. With our cubes, you can choose from multiple different colors and designs. Are you feeling minimal? Feeling bold? With white, dark gray, and colorful landscape prints to choose from, you can customize your trip to fit you and your individual styles.

Step 2: Plan Plane travel outfit 

Before getting on the plane, layer up. Pop on a T-shirt, your heaviest sweater, and your heaviest jacket. Lace up your hiking shoes or your boots and wear the pants that you can’t seem to get folded correctly. By wearing these item on the plane, you don’t have to worry about packing them!

It may seem like a lot, but you’ll be thanking yourself when your bag doesn’t exceed the 50 pound max. By layering up, you can be sure to stay warm during the flight that you’re always freezing on. (For real though, why are planes always so cold?!) You may be toasty during security and check in, but it’s all worth it.

Step 3: Prepare for the worst

Raise your hand if you’ve ever lost your luggage? We’ve been there. Oh have we been there. Take one of the small compression cubes in YOUR designated color and pack your bathing suit (if headed somewhere where swimming will be happening), an extra pair of underwear (or two), a shirt, a pair of pants/shorts, your prescriptions, your toothbrush, and anything else you’ll need for a couple days.

Don’t hesitate just put this bag right into your personal item that goes under the seat in front of you. If you end up at your destination without your luggage, you’ll have this pack with you ready to go.

Step 4: share a suitcase using compression cubes

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The Carry On Set

Multiple styles for multiple personalities.

large compression cubes

Alright, now it’s time for the big stuff. Grab one of the large compression cubes (again, in your color) and pack what you will need for your multiple activities scheduled on your trip.

  1. Dinners or more formal activities: this could be slacks, a button up, dress, skirt, or anything else that you would want to wear to take on the night. Don’t forget to pack your socks and appropriate undergarment for whatever you end up packing in this cube.

  2. Casual: Grab another large compression cube and plop in what you’ll need for your casual days. This could be a tour of the city, trip to a museum, or visiting every ice cream shop within walking distance. For these days you might want to bring a sweater in case it gets chilly and your favorite pair of walking shoes. This is where your airport outfit comes in. Don’t worry about packing another sweater if you’ll already be wearing one on the plane. And your bulky walking shoes should already be on your feet!

Now that these are in your suitcase, you’ll know exactly what to reach for when heading out for the night or off to explore the museum. This will also help you know exactly which is yours. No more rummaging through suitcases and pulling out all of yours (and your significant other’s) nicely folded things.

Small Compression Cube

You each should already have one of your small compression cubes fitted nicely into your personal item. Both you should also have already packed up your large compression cubes with clothing for your days and nights. You both should now have one small compression cube each left over.

This bag is perfect for taking on the go for long day trips. Pack your bathing suit in it if headed out on a waterfall hike or a trip to the beach. Also tuck in an extra pair socks because you just truly never know what you might run into (literally or figuratively) while adventuring. These compression cubes can even fit a rolled up swim towel! Tuck a small packed compression cube into your day pack to save space and to make all of your things stay together. Having your extra clothes compressed also leaves more room for what truly matters for a day tip like snacks… yeah mostly just snacks.

Oval Compression Cube

Each set of compression cubes also comes with an oval shaped bag which we recommend using for electronics. They keep everything together so you’ll no longer be searching bags and suitcases to look for your headphones. By using two different colored compression cubes, you’ll also never argue over whose phone charger is whose again. Ok, it’s not a promise but it will help.

Laundry Bag

Nobody likes doing the laundry that comes with traveling! Here’s how to make your trip that much easier: each 6 pack of compression cubes comes with a laundry bag. On your way to your destination, pack your shoes in each of your laundry bags. This will keep your shoes separate from your clothes and also separate from your significant other’s. As the trip goes on, choose one of the laundry bags to put your dirty clothes from the trip in. This will make the laundry happen in a snap because all of your dirty clothes will already be in one spot. No more smell checks!

As one bag fills with laundry, merge your shoes together in the other bag. By the end of the trip, you’ll have one bag full of laundry and one still keeping your shoes separate from your clothing. While the laundry bags don’t compress, they do keep everything together and can be rolled up nice and tightly. The clothes are already dirty so you won’t be trying to keep them nicely folded anyway.

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Traveling with a significant other is not always the easiest. We’ve done it in planes, trains, and automobiles (quite literally) so we know what it’s like. So whether it’s a cruise through the Caribbean, a road trip through the Rockies, or sharing a campervan in New Zealand, follow these steps for a stress-free and organized trip for two!


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