Compression Cubes





More and more airlines are charging just to use the overhead bin (what?!) Two can play that game. Packing a large purse or small backpack (hey, like this one!) strategically can get you almost the same space you had in your carry on under the seat in front of you. These two cubes can help.


Throwing a duffle in to the back seat of your car for a weekend at the lake? Or out in the mountains? Wherever your weekend adventures take you, don't be the guy with the wadded clothes in the corner of the room. The three piece set is a perfect starter pack for anyone looking to organize.

3. for your carry on

Whether you are rolling your luggage or toting a backpack, we've perfectly designed this six piece set to fit snugly in to your standard airplane carry-on. You'll love the flexibility of the tube cube to pop in electronics, a wet bathing suit, or snacks (probably not together) and the laundry bag which is also a convenient place for a pair of shoes!

4. for your checked luggage

We have expanded our product line with our most requested product: larger cubes! While stuffing these XLs may be a bit too bulky to neatly tuck in to a carry on, this is the perfect way to organize a large checked suitcase or to keep your family's pieces of clothing separate. This is also the set you'll want if you're planning to pack large items like thick bulky blue jeans or a large sweater.




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